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Felt Breed Carbon Force AXS

Felt Breed Carbon Force AXS

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Breed for speed.

The Breed Carbon is a purpose built gravel racing machine, bred to eat up the miles across dusty and muddy terrain, with a specification designed for you to smash through the gravel.


The most important contact point on your bike is your saddle. The Breed Carbon pushes you to ride faster and farther thanks to its unique TaperLoc seatpost system. When running a 27.2mm seatpost, the Breed Carbon can utilize its proprietary, vibration-damping sleeve to mitigate high-frequency bumps and terrain chatter. If you prefer a 30.9mm seatpost, you’re good to go—minus the ability to utilize the sleeve. Whatever you need to achieve your perfect perch, the Breed Carbon has your back.

Dropper posts rule—it’s as simple as that. The ability to lower your seatpost at will means that it can quickly get out of the way when you’re flying down a white-knuckle descent. That’s why the Breed Carbon can be outfitted with a 27.2mm dropper seatpost and still utilize its proprietary vibration-damping sleeve, or a 30.9mm dropper post without the sleeve. Get ready to experience a whole new level of handling prowess.


The future of gravel cycling is as wide open as the horizon, and the most daring cyclists are pushing their bodies and equipment further than ever before. Are you looking to push your riding in a whole new direction? The Breed Carbon is frothing to get out there and tackle whatever the road has in store. Its front-end is designed to run the latest front-suspension forks designed specifically for gravel bikes, giving it the ability to tame the toughest terrain around.



Tires are what win races. Dialing in that perfect combination of low rolling resistance and optimal traction is what separates the champs from the also-rans. So, with the ability to run three different wheel sizes, just how big can the Breed Carbon’s tires be? If it’s rolling with 700c wheels, the Breed Carbon can utilize up to a 50mm tire. If it’s sporting 650b or 29-inch hoops, then it can accommodate up to a 2.0-inch tire. Whatever your route demands in order for you to put the power down and keep the handling sublime, you can opt for the perfect set of rubber.

The Breed Carbon is compatible with three wheel sizes. The Breed Carbon comes standard with 700c hoops, which, combined with its plush gravel tires, preserves the Breed’s optimal geometry for those preferring a road bike feel and paved road-like speed, but with mind-blowing cushioning for off-road trails. You can also outfit your rig with 650b wheels for even wider rubber and knobbier treads for enhanced traction, as well as 29-inch mountain bike wheels for the most trail-worthy setup possible.


This bike comes with 

Sram Force AXS groupset

Zipp 303s carbon tubeless wheelset

and is ready for you to take on all terrain

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